About Us

Our Story
At Atèlette, our thoughtful approach revolves around consciously recreating vintage silhouettes in natural fabrics and fibers. Dreamed up in 2020 by self-taught designer Rodellee Bas, whose extensive 15+ years of experience in the vintage and fashion industry served as the catalyst for the brand's inception. Atèlette embodies a world of romantic nostalgia where every piece is an ode to bygone eras.

Our Process
We don't do seasonal collections at Atèlette and instead, we focus on recreating just a small handful of beloved vintage heirlooms every quarter. We do this to ensure that the artisans we work with are not overburdened by strict fashion deadlines. This choice is deeply rooted in our founder's personal history, as her mother endured the challenges of being a child laborer in a clothing factory in the Philippines. This smaller scale model also allows us to pivot if needed based on desire and demand from our customer.

Our Production Partners
We work with minority women owned and led manufacturers whose values resonate with our own—producing smaller batches, streamlining manufacturing to reduce waste, making sustainable fashion more accessible, and most of all providing a space for women to feel empowered and to make a living wage so they are not solely dependent on their male partners to make a living. This is very important to our founder having witnessed what her mother went through as a single mother in the Philippines. "Ayaw pagsalig sa lalaki." (Don't depend on a man.)

By engaging with our community before production, we significantly reduce the risk of producing garments that may not resonate with our audience. Additionally, we are proud to repurpose fabric remnants to craft accessories and soft goods as part of our "Waste Not, Want Not" initiative.

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