September stretches on with dewdrops glistening like diamonds in the auburn tresses of autumn. Our newest chapter captures this ethereal ephemeral beauty, with fabrics that evoke the richness of ripe berries and flow like the morning dew on fallen leaves. Our newest dresses, the Florenzia, Sandrine, and Appalonia, are invitations to embrace the sweetness of the season, to revel in the changing landscape, and to reflect in the the delicate balance between the fleeting warmth of summer and the approaching coolness of fall.


A Promise of Timeless Beauty

Each Atèlette garment is a reflection of the moments of inspiration that have touched our hearts. Here we dance to the rhythm of inspiration, not the beat of seasons. We believe in the power of organic creativity and the beauty that emerges when artistry is allowed to flourish naturally. Our promise is to craft garments that bring joy, inspire, and stand as timeless expressions of beauty.

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Our Reverie

Atèlette: Where art, history, and nature poetically unite in every stitch

Welcome to Atèlette, where our dedication to slow design and slow fashion is a testament to our belief that the finest things in life are worth the wait. In a fast-paced world where everyone is constantly on the move, we extend a heartfelt invitation to immerse yourself in our realm—a realm where you can pause to appreciate the ethereal beauty of autumn mists and savor the sensations of a seemingly ordinary day. At Atèlette our raison d'etre is to help you embrace your innate beauty, fostering confidence and empowerment as you revel in the essence of your femininity. { discover our collection }

Words to Inspire

"...but she still had that something which fires the imagination, could still stop one's breath for a moment by a look or gesture that somehow revealed the meaning in common things. -- All the strong things of her heart came out in her body, that had been so tireless in serving generous emotions."

- Willa Cather, My Ántonia

A Dream of Cottage Idylls

The first collections of Atèlette, inspired by pastoral landscapes and calm, idyllic scenes of cottage living, are a reflection of our love for simplicity, nature, and the romance of rural life. It was a journey that began with a dream and a willingness to learn and will always have a special place in our hearts.