Sustainable Pricing

At Atèlette, our core commitment is to provide impeccably crafted sustainable apparel at accessible and reasonable price points. This commitment is made possible by our decision to be a direct-to-consumer womenswear label and our dedication to minimizing unnecessary overhead. Unlike many others, we forgo extravagant offices, costly photoshoots, premium packaging, and extravagant marketing and advertising expenses.

The retail price reflects our earnest effort to strike a balance between sustainability, affordability, and profitability. We prioritize fair wages for our workers, paying them a higher wage than other sewers in their respective regions. Additionally, as we produce a lower quantity than most fashion brands, the premium per piece for the cut and sew process is higher.

At Atèlette, we are staunch advocates of conscious consumerism. Transparency is paramount to us, which is why we share extensive information about our processes well before pre-orders open. While we rarely host sales and promotions, the Pre-Order period stands as one of the few opportunities to acquire our products at a discounted rate. Your support during this period enables us to sustain our business, continue doing what we love, and maintain our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We are so glad you are here and playing a part of our journey towards a more conscious and responsible approach to fashion and consumption.

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