The Quiet Workings

The website has now launched and I've been a bit quiet again on social media and even in marketing and promoting the new site. Seems a bit odd, but I'm listening to my emotional state and realizing I have been working so much the past year that I need to rest and to recuperate and just allow myself time and space. I only have so much energy and I'm getting a bit older and more guarded with my time. 

So instead of constantly "promoting the existence of"-- which is how I feel about social media these days, it seems as if everyone is in some varying degrees of desperation crying "Hey, remember me! Hey, look over here! I exist! Validate me! Hello?!"

I'm just tired of it, tired of sharing and not feeling like I'm being seen or heard. My answer instead is to create the content because it brings me joy to do the quiet work and share in a way that feeds my soul first and foremost. In an age of content creators, I think creators have lost the ability to create organically and originally. Myself included. So we continue to repeat what has done well in the past and it turns into a cycle of rinse and repeat, grappling on to "what once was" and never feeling satiated. Everything looks the same. Everyone looks the same. There is so much sameness and the lines are blurred between inspiration and imitation. And for me, this kills creativity. It kills inspiration, it kills motivation. 

These recent photos I snapped the past couple of weeks are all peeks into the behind-the-scenes workings of Atèlette. Looking back at these images I can remember my thoughts and feelings at the time. The gratitude, the hope, the pride, the nervousness. I'm looking forward to reflecting back on this time and seeing how much I have grown as a designer and how Atèlette has grown and evolved. I am quietly working behind the scenes, documenting the process, and will be sharing them in this space I am carving out for myself. A space I feel safe and cloistered away where my thoughts can run hither and tither. A space away from the noise where I can conduct the quiet workings of what it means to me to create and to actually CREATE without the pressure of "will social media like this?" because frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. Or rather, I shouldn't give a damn. And I used to not, but then I did. And I do. And well, that's another journal rambling all together!  


My desk on a sun filled day with a few new prototypes I am working on for future chapters.

Above are photos from when I was packing orders from the launch. I crafted small dried flower bouquets from flowers that I was growing in my garden last Autumn which is when I was working on this first chapter. It felt very full circle and it made me so happy to wrap up these parcels. 

All the images above are close up details for prototype samples I am working on next. I'm designing a few tops and a couple of new dresses. One of the things I am working on is recreating the print on a pair of 1930s tap shorts I have which will be featured on a new dress, top, and my first foray into accessories!

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